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Re: d-w wiki

On 26/05/2005, at 1:14 AM, Luk Claes wrote:

Can you make sure that every language which has such pages is mentioned
in the top navbar (for instance Dutch isn't), TIA?

It might be worth looking at a drop-down menu, once the languages start mounting up. It can be less confusing for someone whose English is not good, and they're looking for their native language, not to have other language names prominently displayed.

I wish there were a standard for this. Is there, in the accessibility guidelines? Predictable and reliable can be reassuring to new people who lack confidence or experience.

from Clytie (vi-VN, team/nhóm Gnome-vi)

Clytie Siddall--Renmark, in the Riverland of South Australia

Ở thành phố Renmark, tại miền sông của Nam Úc

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