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Re: d-w wiki

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Thierry Reding wrote:
:: * Erinn Clark wrote:
:::: * Clytie Siddall <clytie@riverland.net.au> [2005:05:26
:::: 11:03 +0930]:
:::::: However, Thierry has now told me that the wiki only
:::::: has Latin-1 character support. Vietnamese needs
:::::: Unicode. No wiki for me. :(

:::: Mmm, really? I was pretty sure pmwiki supported
:::: UTF-8... Surely something can be done about that?

:: It should be possible to use UTF-8 with PmWiki, but it
:: will "break" content which is already using latin-1
:: characters. This content would have to be reviewed
:: and changed accordingly. That would be one solution.

	And of course, we can review it, we are not *that*
big, yet. :)

:: Another, probably preferable solution would be to use
:: different character sets based on the language being
:: used. This concept seems to be more or less integrated
:: into PmWiki already. The only thing that would need
:: changing with this approach is the language bar on
:: top. The problem with that is that it won't be
:: possible to use the native language names on pages that
:: use for instance latin-1, since they won't be able to
:: display characters not in latin-1 correctly. A
:: possible solution to this would be to have one language
:: bar in each language and use the translated names of
:: each language in the language bar.

	Hmmm, if we use UTF-8, recode and do some effort
to revalidate the pages, only one language bar sould be
a better solution.

:: I'm probably going to have some free time later today
:: and will take a closer look at possible solutions.

	Consider using "recode".

	AFAICT, pmwiki stores its files in plain text, so,
I was thinking in something like that (quick and dirty!)

for f in $(ls /path/to/pmwiki/files/); do
	recode latin1..utf8 ${f};

	Hope it helps! :-)


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