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Re: d-w wiki

* Meike Reichle wrote:
> Clytie Siddall said/sagte:
> > Meike, how do I go about translating it into Vietnamese? Are there 
> > templates?
> Eeh, good question. I am not sure about this, I looked around on the wiki a
> bit and it seems there are two implementations. There are pages with the url
> index.php/language/PageTitle just as there are pages with the url
> index.php?n=Language.PageTitle. This seems to be a bit mixed up. Can anybody
> of these who set up/administrate the wiki elaborate?

Those URLs actually refer to the same page. PmWiki can either get the page
name from PATH_INFO (index.php/language/PageTitle) or via QUERY_STRING
(index.php?n=3DLanguage.PageTitle). What's confusing is that some URLs have
been entered to use PATH_INFO, while the ones generated by PmWiki use
QUERY_STRING by default.

I uncommented the EnablePathInfo setting in local/config.php, which should
make PmWiki generate URLs using PATH_INFO. Note that accessing the pages
using the QUERY_STRING method still works, though.

Does this answer your question?


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