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Re: Tech stuff on d-women

> I'd prefer to see it here: I think I'd feel more comfortable about 
> revealing my staggering ignorance and great difficulty with learning 
> new things, here, since we don't AFAIK have a group for disabled 
> people.  I suppose I haven't met the d-i mentors yet...
> I feel as though guys (of the male persuasion :) ) who get involved in 
> this group are likely to be positive and encouraging, and that might 
> not be the case elsewhere...  and women understand what it's like to be 
> marginalized, by social default.

This has been one of the reasons this group was created...and is
indeed one of the reasons a few male people also partitipate, just
like I do. 

And I think that only one year after, this is a huge success. D-W
succeeded in building a community in a very short time.

> It is hard, though, for other people to remember that you're asking 
> dumb questions, or having what seems like a ridiculous amount of 
> trouble with a new procedure, because of your disability eating your 
> mind, not because you won't rtfm or put some effort in. The effort is 
> there, but all the "normal" activities that go into the learning and 
> doing procedure are extremely and progressively difficult.
> I'm considering putting in my sig:
> I'm not STUPID or LAZY, I'm SICK

Well, that is obviously not easy to share without giving other the
impression that you're putting your disability too much ahead. On the
other hand, and especially when it comes to electronic communication,
it helps a lot when you have some knowledge of the environment of
people you're talking to.

So, contrary to "real" life where disability is usually obvious enough
to have people taking it into account (often too much, probably), in
electronic communities, such knowledge is part of the communication.

More generally speaking, I indeed feel a lot more comfortable
exchanging with people I've personnally met because it helps a lot in
filling the gap you have with someone you only know by his/her

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