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Re: Tech stuff on d-women

Clytie Siddall wrote:
> On 02/05/2005, at 12:00 PM, Sonia Hamilton wrote:
>> Hmmm... I kinda like seeing tech stuff on d-women, especially from other
>> women - it's encouraging. But I can see your point about d-mentors being
>> a bigger pool.
>> What do others think?
> I'd prefer to see it here: I think I'd feel more comfortable about
> revealing my staggering ignorance and great difficulty with learning new
> things, here, since we don't AFAIK have a group for disabled people.  I
> suppose I haven't met the d-i mentors yet...
> I feel as though guys (of the male persuasion :) ) who get involved in
> this group are likely to be positive and encouraging, and that might not
> be the case elsewhere...  and women understand what it's like to be
> marginalized, by social default.
> That's only my opinion, and I've had very little experience of the
> Debian scene yet.

For what it's worth, all my experiences of asking questions on the
Debian Mentors list and on #debian-mentors on IRC have been positive.
People do seem to respond to even the simplest questions nicely and with
helpful information, and they don't mind people who are ignorant as long
as they are trying to learn.

As far as I know, this has also been the experience of several other
Debian Women people.  Of course, there are a bunch of Debian Women
people also involved with Debian Mentors, so the chances are that you'll
find your question answered by someone you know anyway :)

I think that it's good to have people discussing technical stuff here,
and it's also good for Debian Women people to aim to involve themselves
with the wider Debian community, at least in the long term.  So I'd
encourage people to give Debian Mentors a go, sooner or later, as well
as discussing such things here.


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