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Re: errors building a .deb

On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 07:21:08PM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
> Sonia Hamilton wrote:
> [...]
> >BTW, Matt made a comment about d-mentors. Was that "d-women is for
> >'women's issues stuff', put tech stuff on d-mentors", or "some of the
> >d-mentors subscribers should know about this"? :-)
> He means that these stuff is normally discussed at d-mentors (that's 
> what it's for). I don't think he wanted to say that you may not ask 
> these things on d-women, Matt?

I have no say in determining what may be discussed on d-women, and I'm not
worried that many different issues get discussed here, because it
strengthens the d-women community by having vibrant discussion.

My intent was to note that there are lots of people on d-mentors who (a)
know about this stuff, and (b) want to know about this stuff, so discussing
these sorts of issues there is likely to (a) get more and better answers,
and (b) might allow a few other people to pro-actively avoid making the same
mistakes themselves.

There's also the side issue that I'm trying to grow d-mentors by having more
appropriate questions asked and answered there, and this thread would have
been perfect there.  <grin>

- Matt

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