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Re: Tech stuff on d-women (Was: errors building a .deb)

On Mon, 02 May 2005 04:30:12 +0200, Sonia Hamilton <sonia@snowfrog.net> wrote:
Hmmm... I kinda like seeing tech stuff on d-women, especially from other
women - it's encouraging. But I can see your point about d-mentors being
a bigger pool.

What do others think?
Even in case my answer just being another "me too": I would love to see those questions here, for various reasons:

- Learning more about $stuff "by accident" might actually encourage some of us lurkers to finally try ourselves. Those who aren't actually planning to package will not subscribe to $debian-mentors.

- Having seen others struggling with $stuff, is encouraging since one doesn't feel so awfully stupid when trying oneself and not suceeding right to begin with (this really is important for women since we often tend to blame ourselves instead of those who have done the bad job that now is making trouble for us).

-Debian Women should, in my opinion, have quite a technical focus. Don't move technical discussion out of here to those places that often are perceived to be discouraging to women. You'll end up with the status quo we already see everywhere.



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