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Re: errors building a .deb

* On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 08:24:07PM +1000, Matthew Palmer wrote:
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> BTW, all of this would be a good discussion to have on d-mentors... <grin>

* On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 12:25:34PM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
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* On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 08:24:10PM +1000, Matthew Palmer wrote:
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* On Sun, May 01, 2005 at 12:37:17PM +0200, Luk Claes wrote:
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Thanks guys for all your help - I worked out my key stuff by adding a
new user id in gpg, and fixed up the Makefile; lintian no longer
unhappy. I've attached the .deb I produced (not asking you to look at it
- just in case you're interested).

BTW, Matt made a comment about d-mentors. Was that "d-women is for
'women's issues stuff', put tech stuff on d-mentors", or "some of the
d-mentors subscribers should know about this"? :-)

Sonia Hamilton. GPG key A8B77238.
We are Linux. Resistance is measured in ohms.

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