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Re: DPL and DW meeting conflict (was: Re: DPL debate 2005 [...])

> Fellow DW people, what say ye? Our options, as I see
> them, are:
> a) Reschedule our meeting.
> b) Go ahead with the meeting as planned.
> The benefits to (a) are:
>  - No one will be too busy thinking about the DPL
> debate
>  - We have more time to think of a topic (which we
> still don't have)
> The benefits to (b) are:
>  - People will be on IRC already so (hopefully) they
> can be shuffled over
>    to the DPL debate. This is sort of directed at
> people who don't tend be
>    be on IRC all the time or are somewhat new to
> Debian and maybe weren't
>    considering showing up for that.
>  - We get it over with. :-P
> IMO, option (a) is the better choice, but let's try
> to get some consensus
> then figure it out.

I'de prefer reschedulling it. That date was really bad
for some of the Spanish people anyway, so we wouldn't
be able to come. If we reschedule it, it'll be better
for everyone :)


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