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Re: My adventures with NM - part 5b (T&S vanquished)

David Nusinow wrote:
On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 11:29:16PM -0800, Steve Langasek wrote:

FWIW, my own feeling is that it's good if the T&S questions include some
"advanced skills" items that not everyone will be able to answer, and which
don't hurt their eligibility.  I think this is much more useful, to the AM
and to the NM, because it probes the limits of the NM's abilities instead of
just establishing that they meet the baseline requirements.

I agree with this as well. In addition, the NM questions are not only meant to
probe your abilities, but also teach you things that you don't already know.
Even if one has been active in Debian for some time, there are so many areas in
this vast project that there's always something new to learn. All of you who
are going through NM, or plan to one day, should keep this in mind. The
questions aren't meant to be hostile, but to help everyone involved, including

I agree with both of the above.

Me stressing about the questions (I did that) isn't the same thing as me saying that I think they should not be there (I didn't do that). There is nothing inherently wrong with something being challenging or even very difficult.

I don't consider myself to be in a position to judge accurately the level of technical skill that should be required of a potential DD. Some of the things I had to do were hard for me, and I learned a lot in the process of doing them. I think that is good :)

One of the things I have learned is where and how to seek help with such problems. Actually, the fact that it is OK to seek help may be the single most valuable thing I have learned in my NM process so far.


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