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About IRC meetings...


As this is my first mail to the Debian-Women, here is a collection of 
short statements about me : Debian user, wanting to contribute ; male, 
aware of gender issues, not feeling well in most geeks circles due to 
sexism, competition and other common behaviours ; still not really 
knowing where to fit in the D-W project. [1]

After some private talks on IRC, I would like to share some feelings 
about previous D-W meetings to the list.

First, the flow rate was really too high, with a lot of different ideas 
being discussed at the same time. It's IRC and not real life 
discussions, so there is no such thing as interrupting someone [2], but 
I think it would be a lot better if we could focus on only one speaker 
at a time. That would help non native english speakers to follow and to 
have more time to write their own ideas.

Second, in order to keep the discussion moving forward, it would be 
great to make a more detailed agenda of the meeting. Its elaboration 
could be a collective process using the wiki. The facilitator would 
then keep atendees in focus and move forward between points as time 

Micah Anderson made a summary of good practices for IRC meetings :


[1] I'm not happy with this presentation, but I prefer to discover
    people by doing thing with them, hope that'll work both ways. :)

[2] Though speech interruption is a topic covered by most gender issues
    studies, isn't it?

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