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My adventures with NM - part 5b (T&S vanquished)

Hi everyone,

Well, would you believe that I think I'm close to the end of this story...?

When I last emailed, I was in a state of general stress about my tasks and Skills (T&S) questions, which were a bit of an uphill battle. But, I did get them finished eventually, which was a big relief. My AM got back to me fast with some things I had wrong, so I had to fix up a few things, but it wasn't too bad (could have been much worse, I'm sure).

That left me with the final three questions for my T&S - the stuff I had been avoiding since I knew I had to do it.

1) the "write a shell script that does this stuff" question.

Well, that one was a bit hard, because I'd never written in shell before. So I read a lot of manpages a few times over, had a go, made some progress, got stuck, asked someone for help (thanks Dafydd!), tried again....

(Iterate this until you do indeed have a shell script that does this stuff - it actually didn't kill me in the end.)

2)  the "package your package without debhelper" question
(also known as the "teaspoon" question, since stuffing your .deb full with a teaspoon is what it makes me think of)

OK, this is the single question that has stressed me the most since I first read over the T&S templates, months ago. And you know what - it wasn't actually that bad. I was actually pretty suprised by how "not that bad" it was. A matter of reading a fair bit of documentation and working out what the debhelper stuff was doing, then doing that to my package. OK, some battling with the debian/rules makefile happened, but it also didn't kill me :)

3)  Try to solve a release critical bug.

Well, thanks to fortuitous timing, the Debian Women bug squashing effort helped there (thanks Steve and everyone who helped with that). It took a few goes, but I ended up with something that I knew how to tackle, so that also wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, and yep, it didn't kill me in the end

So there you go, I survived T&S... :)

Since then, my AM has emailed the short version of his report on me to the debian-newmaint mailing list, reccommending me to be accepted as a Debian Developer (yes, I was very happy about that one - thankyou Frank!!!!). So now I am waiting for when the Front Desk has checked that my report is complete and all ok, and then I will be waiting, if all goes well, for approval of the Debian Account Manager(s), to have my Debian account created. If it all goes to plan, I'll have made it to being a DD :)

So, who else out there is going to come and join those of us who are already in the New Maintainer queue...?

There is lots of information about the New Maintainer process on http://www.debian.org/devel/join/newmaint and the links from there.

If anyone has more questions about any of this stuff, you are welcome and encouraged to ask on this list or on the debian-mentors mailing list, ask on the #debian-women IRC channel (or the #debian-mentors IRC channel) or failing those, to ask me privately by email...


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