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Re: My adventures with NM - part 5b (T&S vanquished)

> 1) the "write a shell script that does this stuff" question.
> 2)  the "package your package without debhelper" question
> (also known as the "teaspoon" question, since stuffing your .deb full 
> with a teaspoon is what it makes me think of)
> 3)  Try to solve a release critical bug.

I have to mention that, in 2000, when I myself went through the very
same process, I would have been completely scared by such questions.

And I would probably have either stopped my application process...or
just answered that, no, I'm not able to repackage my package with a
teaspoon not am I able to write shell script for displaying a
graphical clock on the screen....:)

So, highly probably, I just wouldn't be what I am currently : an
active contributor in the Debian project who can, with his skills,
background and time, help developing it and make it better.

Some people will object that one does not need to be a DD for
contributing : sure. Lots of people in d-w or elsewhere (d-i for
instance) have proven this.

However, being a DD gives me more "power" for making my contribution
to the project, that's obvious.

When I reach my limits, I just know that a whole community is here for
helping me in solving things I just can't because I'm technically

We are all grown-up people (except maybe those who are rude in
changelogs)...enough for just being able to say "I don't know" when we
indeed just don't know. The NM process would be better be aimed at
checking that, imho.

So, is there really a need for requesting such deep technical
knowledge to all people applying as a Debian Developer? My opinion is
obviously that no, this is not needed.

Maybe just answering "I don't know" to both questions would not have
made your application being rejected. But who really would try
answering that, indeed? :-)

Of course, I can just jump in the NM team and try changing things from
the inside rather than whining from the outside. However, I guess I
have reached the point where I have jumped in enough things in that
project so if I want to save my health and still have a life, I'd
rather not.:)

PS : this mail is not aimed at being rude towards Helen's AM,
Frank. He's a nice guy and is doing his job, certainly doing it
well. I just wanted to be clear on that point..:)

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