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Re: My adventures with NM - part 5b (T&S vanquished)

On Wed, Jan 12, 2005 at 08:03:24AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > 1) the "write a shell script that does this stuff" question.
> > 2)  the "package your package without debhelper" question
> > (also known as the "teaspoon" question, since stuffing your .deb full 
> > with a teaspoon is what it makes me think of)
> > 3)  Try to solve a release critical bug.

> When I reach my limits, I just know that a whole community is here for
> helping me in solving things I just can't because I'm technically
> challenged.

> We are all grown-up people (except maybe those who are rude in
> changelogs)...enough for just being able to say "I don't know" when we
> indeed just don't know. The NM process would be better be aimed at
> checking that, imho.

> So, is there really a need for requesting such deep technical
> knowledge to all people applying as a Debian Developer? My opinion is
> obviously that no, this is not needed.

> Maybe just answering "I don't know" to both questions would not have
> made your application being rejected. But who really would try
> answering that, indeed? :-)

FWIW, my own feeling is that it's good if the T&S questions include some
"advanced skills" items that not everyone will be able to answer, and which
don't hurt their eligibility.  I think this is much more useful, to the AM
and to the NM, because it probes the limits of the NM's abilities instead of
just establishing that they meet the baseline requirements.

I also think the questions would have to be presented in a different way
than they are now in order to have this effect, instead of acting as a
deterrent for NMs.  Nevertheless, I was disappointed to see all of the
advanced "library internals" questions disappear from the NM templates...

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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