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Re: Next #d-women forum; topics anyone?

tir, 2004-12-28 kl. 01:04 skrev Helen Faulkner:
> Off Topic:
> Dabian, I assume since you used a temporary email address, that you are not 
> subscribed to the list.  So I am CCing this to you.  However note that the 
> code of conduct [1] for the Debian mailing list requires you to explicitly 
> ask for messages to be CCd to you if you want that, and that you should not 
> CC anyone who has not explicitly asked for that.  ie you should not have CCd 
> me in your message, because I didn't request that and you should have 
> requested CCs to you in your message, so people know to not just reply to 
> the list.

Yes, I am subscribed to the list - I am sorry I broke the code of 
conduct, in fact, I was unaware of this as I noticed many people on 
mailinglists put it in their "dot sig".  I usually use the "reply to 
all" and if the mailinglist is on carbon copy, I send to both, and if 
the mailinglist replaces the reply-to, I don't CC.  I dunno why the 
listmanager chose to make this list like it is, but after reading the 
code of conduct (which is actually translated into danish), I realise my

Usually I don't have to read the "regler" (rules) (as the code of 
conduct is called in danish), but I guess I tend to come in other
circles were less or different etikette is needed.  Had I been more
used to debian ways, say been a debian-mentor, a debian-developer or 
something, I guess this problem would not have raised. As you know 
Helen, this is again part of the reason I have chosen to take a break 
from the IRC-channel, so I guess maybe there is more than one reason 
that I am not part of debian - people tell me to submit, but I'm no good
at that, in fact, I think that most scandinavians of my age has trouble 
doing this.

OK .. enough explanation for the day.  - I have not CC'ed you in any of 
my posts afaik, and this one I'm only sending to Debian-Women. ;-)

Dabian .

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