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Re: Next #d-women forum; topics anyone?

* Helen Faulkner <helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk> [2004:12:28 00:37 +0000]: 
> Anyway. the thing I noticed is that we get a lot of people coming into the 
> IRC channel with questions that come down to the fact that they haven't 
> managed to find the relevant piece of documentation.  And lack of 
> accessible or useful documentation was one of the recurring themes in the 
> survey I mailed last month, that some people responded to.  So I think this 
> is a genuine problem that is preventing people from contributing to Debian 
> - they can't work out how because they can't find the documentation that 
> will tell them.
> I had a few ideas, but I reckon we can come up with better ones if we 
> discuss it together.  My ideas included stuff like
> - making a list of the locations of important Debian documentation and 
> posting it on the Debian Women wiki.  So people can benefit from the fact 
> that someone else already spent an hour searching the website to find a 
> particular thing out.

This might be useful, but I'm concerned that giving a long list of links,
while more helpful, is not *all* that helpful.

I'm also not inclined to believe that Google should be the one indexing the
docs -- there has to be a better way to centralize the information and make
it easier to search. I suppose one thing we could start with is asking people
here whether they know of any documentation that is really comprehensive,
well-written, and centralized.

> - rewriting some of the documentation that is particularly unhelpful (the 
> information on the Debian website about reporting bugs in Debian springs to 
> mind), and submiting the rewrites as patches to www.debian.org.

Yeah, this definitely needs to be done.

> - writing new documentation to describe things that we have worked out, but 
> that don't seem to be actually documented anywhere.


> - and of course, there is always translation to be done, and we have lots 
> of people who speak different languages.
> That is as far as my thoughts have gotten on the issue.  I would be 
> interested in hearing other people's ideas about this...

We might want to coordinate with the doc team. :)

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