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Next #d-women forum; topics anyone?

I've been volunteered (due to an apparently fortuitous position
timezone-wise) to moderate the next meeting on the debian-women IRC channel. 

The next meeting is due to take place at 0500 UTC on the 16th of January,
2005.  For the people who can't do timezone calculations in your head (like
me), there's a cool tool at
http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html which will tell you
what time the meeting is in your part of the world.  We know the time will
suck for some people, it gets rotated about 8 hours each meeting so if this
one's bad for you, the next one should be OK.  A summary of the meeting will
be written up and posted for those people who are unable to actually be at
the meeting, and discussion can comtinue on this list or on IRC afterwards.

For those of you not familiar with the format or intent, these meetings aim
to promote discussion on a particular facet relating to the aims of the
Debian Women project -- to encourage more women to take part in the process
of creating the Debian distribution, and generally make Debian a more
welcoming place, to help make Debian even better than it is today.  These
meetings take place on IRC, in the #debian-women channel of the freenode IRC
network (http://freenode.net for server lists and such).  Discussion is
fairly open and freeform, just centered around the topic of the meeting. 
Most people are very understanding of those people without lightning fast
fingers, so don't think that you'll be left out if you can't quite hit

Last month's meeting was on the subject of mentoring, whether it was useful,
what form(s) it should take, and how we can encourage it to happen.  We
currently don't have a topic for the upcoming meeting, so everyone should
bring their ideas to the table.  Anything related to the aims of the project
is fair game for discussion.

Please raise your ideas for discussion topics, and one of the ones that gets
general support (and that I have some idea about, since I'll be leading the
discussion) will be our Topic Of The Month.

- Matt

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