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Re: Next #d-women forum; topics anyone?

man, 2004-12-27 kl. 14:14 skrev Helen Faulkner:
> Matthew Palmer wrote:
>  > I've been volunteered (due to an apparently fortuitous position
>  > timezone-wise) to moderate the next meeting on the debian-women IRC > 
> channel.
> Thanks very much for allowing yourself to be volunteered to take the job, 
> Matthew!  :)

Is it really nessesary to +m the channel?  I thought we did fine without
moderation on the last meeting?  I agree its nice of you to volunteer 

> I should also note that Colleen Hatfield (who is Evilpig on IRC), has 
> volunteered to take the minutes of the Jan 16 meeting.

Please explain the word "minutes" - I assume we don't speak of "60 
seconds minutes" ?


> One thing that interests me is the possibility of setting up a project to 
> improve the the ease of finding relevant documentation in Debian.  I often 
> have trouble finding the thing I want to know about, even though I know the 
> documentation is there somewhere.   I wonder whether the Debian Women 
> project could think of ways to make it easier to locate the right 
> documentation, and whether it would help many of us if we did...

I am sure it would help many.  There are many sources of documentation 
in Debian that are easy to locate, and many who are less easy.

I am sure most people learn how to look in "man pages" and "info pages" 
quite quickly, but there is also possibilities for setting up some web
thingy (I don't quite recall - I think I set it up once, but forgot 
about it again).  Some packages lack proper (standard) documentation,
or have extra documentation.  In these cases we find the documentation
in /usr/share/doc/"packagename" generally, but when it comes to debian
specific dokumentation, I am not sure there is one root.  Some documents
are accessible from the info-node "(dir)", while some documents are
found in /usr/share/doc/debian-policy or something.  I'm not quite sure
of this.  Also copyright papers used to be in
/usr/share/doc/common-licenses - or simular - but for a long time I
couldn't find them, but it turns out they're in
/usr/share/common-licenses or something.

A general instruction document on all this kinda thing, along with a 
nice pointer to a nice "Getting started - guide" and maybe a "quickstart
guide" would be nice not only for new comming women but all of us who
have are not debian developpers, and lack this knowledge. 

Pointing to this document in the end of the installation - possibly in
the login prompt (/etc/issue*) would also be nice.

> On the other hand, documentation is a somewhat "dry" topic for a meeting, so 
> I'm not sure whether people would be interested in that one.  What other 
> ideas are there?

I guess documentation topic would fit fine for a mailinglist, but I 
don't see why it would be bad for a meeting.  If its too dry it could be
spiced up by other subjects, or just a short one to be followed up on 
the mailinglist, if interest was sparked.

I think this mailinglist is rather low volume, so I hope it could bear 
the traffic until the discussion was done?

Maybe a general discussion about how users are supposed to "advance"
(including ways to improve these ways) as part of the debian community, 
both as user and developer might be more spicy?

That was my "5 øre",
Merry christmas and a happy new year, to ya all!

Dabian .

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