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Re: Next #d-women forum; topics anyone?

* Dabian [2004:12:28 00:38 +0100]: 
> man, 2004-12-27 kl. 14:14 skrev Helen Faulkner:
> > Thanks very much for allowing yourself to be volunteered to take the job, 
> > Matthew!  :)
> Is it really nessesary to +m the channel?  I thought we did fine without
> moderation on the last meeting?  I agree its nice of you to volunteer 
> though.

Eh? We had a moderator at the last one -- Helen. I think perhaps you don't
understand what moderating is.

> Please explain the word "minutes" - I assume we don't speak of "60 
> seconds minutes" ?

Think of it as a summary. There were minutes from the previous meeting too. 

> > One thing that interests me is the possibility of setting up a project to 
> > improve the the ease of finding relevant documentation in Debian.  I often 
> > have trouble finding the thing I want to know about, even though I know the 
> > documentation is there somewhere.   I wonder whether the Debian Women 
> > project could think of ways to make it easier to locate the right 
> > documentation, and whether it would help many of us if we did...
> I am sure it would help many.  There are many sources of documentation 
> in Debian that are easy to locate, and many who are less easy.

I think maybe what kind of documentation Helen was talking about was a bit
unclear, so I'll follow up to her email.

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