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Re: Tangential topic -- Was: Re: Sexist Behaviour in Debian Women

Em Qui, 2004-12-16 às 02:23 -0500, Erinn Clark escreveu:
> How accepting should we be, exactly? For example, one of my concerns is
> that the list and IRC channel will be "overrun" (for lack of a better
> word) by well-meaning men. When the men are very helpful, nice, and support
> our goals, it's not like we can say "Hey, the statistics are all out of
> whack here, it's still a male majority", without being rude and losing
> valuable members of the community. But I'm not sure how it looks to new
> people or what they're expecting and if this will scare them off. 

While I can see your point, and understand it, I think this is a not so
big problem. Inclusion is, after all, bringing women inside Debian, and
that does mean dealing with the male majority, which will surely still
last for a while.

I think we're safe assuming that at least the great majority of men in
this list is supportive of the femminist cause, and will do their best
to help integrating women to the male-dominated and somewhat-hostile
Debian universe.

My suggestion is: deal with it, exploit this context to further diminish
the divide.

See ya!

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