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Meeting in 24 hours !

If the mailing list doesn't let me down by delaying this, our next IRC meeting is 24 hours from now (ok, according to my clock, I'm running 7 minutes late already...)

Time:  	1300 UTC, 18th December (that's tomorrow!).
       	Use this tool to convert to your timezone:     		

Location: irc.debian.org (freenode) #debian-women

Topic: Mentoring within Debian and Debian Women.
        - What kind of mentoring is needed?
        - What kind of mentoring can we offer to people, both as part
	of Debian Women and as part of Debian?

The meeting will run for 1-1.5 hours. All, especially newcomers, are encouraged to drop by and say hello in the hour before the meeting (ie from 1200 UTC).

See you there...


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