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Re: Sexist Behaviour in Debian Women

Hi all,

<snip snip>

> Discussion:

> 1) We need to create spaces, forums, cultures within Debian that are
> welcoming to and supportive of women.

> 2) We need to encourage women to be involved in Debian and to interact
> with
> Debian.

Can I also suggest:

3) We need to be welcoming of men, of all people. There are many
inequalities in the world, and I'm certainly not saying all people should
be treated equally (all people are different right), but there is inequal
access to opportunity globally. We should be trying to support a culture
of creating equal opportunity for all.

4) We need to particularly take a look at our own personal surroundings,
work, home and otherwise, and think how we can reverse some of the
behaviours out there. Many negative behaviours towards women are
propogated by womens acceptance of and playing up to such behaviours. For
instance, if people around believe that as a women in ICT (let alone
Debian) you should be quite butch, ensure you don't simply give up your
femininity to fulfill that particular assumption. Try to not be negatively
competitive towards other women in your personal space, another common
behaviour that makes the issue harder to work through.


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