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Tangential topic -- Was: Re: Sexist Behaviour in Debian Women

* Pia Smith <pia@linux.org.au> [2004:12:16 09:13 +1100]: 
> 3) We need to be welcoming of men, of all people.

I don't disagree with you, which I want to make clear, but this brings a
thought to mind:

How accepting should we be, exactly? For example, one of my concerns is
that the list and IRC channel will be "overrun" (for lack of a better
word) by well-meaning men. When the men are very helpful, nice, and support
our goals, it's not like we can say "Hey, the statistics are all out of
whack here, it's still a male majority", without being rude and losing
valuable members of the community. But I'm not sure how it looks to new
people or what they're expecting and if this will scare them off. 

Is this just something we deal with? Watch out for until it gets out of
hand? Are there any precautions we can take, or is it not a concern at all?

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