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Re: Article on Debian Women

Christian Perrier wrote:
-Level 3 are packages which, in some occasions but not on default
style installs, will prompt users.

The Bulgarian translation is here very partial so there is room for
some translation work to take place. I don't know if others already
began to work on this. This would need coordinating with them

-Level 4 are packages which only *display* information during a
default install. This involves very important packages such as dpkg
and apt....translating them is obviously a good progress but less
important from the installer point of view

There is nearly no bg translation here....

Yes, I didn't touch levels 3 and 4 mainly because I decided that there is no enough time to translate them. And since RC2, I actually consider d-i somewhat "freezed" and I didn't translate anything. I need a way to see translations in action but I still haven't found an easy way.

It would be very good if d-i bg translation is completely proof-read. Spelling is very good, but spelling is definately not enough for good translation. I'm just not sure if translation changes can be made into sarge d-i, e.g. to base-config. I know Anton Zinoviev personally (we are co-workers but in very different departments) and we talked about the Bulgarian translation. That's why he sometimes asks Joey if there is chance for translators to fix their "100%" translations ;-)

The install manual is also to be translated even if it may sound late
for sarge release.

A lot of work ;-)

So, basically, this need to be talked with Ognyan and others, I guess.

Ognyan, do you have a mailing list where all bg translators coordinate
their work. If you don't, this is maybe time for requesting a

Yes, dict@linux.zonebg.com <http://linux.zonebg.com/> is the list of all Bulgarian translators. We are small community and better not create other mailing lists.

About new translations, I think it's good if Release Notes are translated. I translated the NetBSD 2.0 anouncement and it would be a shame if Debian Sarge Release Notes are not translated ;-) I'll definately mail to Rumen Krasstev about this.


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