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Re: Article on Debian Women

Hi Christian, 

> > With my modest experience in translating software into Bulgarian,
> (bell ringing in my head)
> The current "team" of Bulgarian translators in Debian

I said: software and not specifically Debian translation ;-) 

(I have translated SPIP in Bulgarian, you must know it if you are

>  (working for instance on the translation of the installer and related software) is
> very small.
> I'm also not sure that a lot of proofreading has been made.

I must admit I am aware of this, and I know the (very small) team of
people. A colleague of mine with which I have am working on another
project, is involved in Bulgariazing the Gnome. I know they forced to
finish the translation some time ago, but since we are all very busy
lately, the things have.. hanged a bit in the air. For this  I would
like to send my appologies to Jutta, to who I promissed to do the
translation in BG of the Debian-women, and I haven't sent her anything

> Introducing myself : besides being maintainer of a few packages in
> Debian, I'm quite deeply involved in internationalisaiton and
> localisation. More precisely, I'm making my best for the coordination
> of the installer translations, along with my friend Dennis Stampfer.

Great! :)

> So, I'd like to ask if you could bring us some help and especially get
> in touch with the people currently working on Bulgarian translations
> (Ognyan Kulev, Rumen Krasstev).

I know them both personally. Unfortunately, I am not drinking beer with
them every Wednesday anymore since I moved to Montreal recently. But if
you suggest me what I can do, it will be my pleasure to give a hand with

> I bet you (or other people) could be
> very welcomed to bring a contribution in making Debian one of the most
> i18n-aware Linux distributions around.

Localising Debian (in particlar) is very important for Bulgaria. SPIP
played enormous role in Bulgarian languate, too, since it is used by
local people mainly. I also enjoy my BG-Debian (partially, partially
Macedonian, the rest - English) :)

> Please let me know (in this list possibly, except if you feel privacy
> is more appropriate...however, I prefer seeing such exchanges stay
> public just to give good live examples about involving people in
> Debian) and please accept my apologies if I give you the impression
> I'm "jumping on you" as we say in French..:-)

Hehe, I am sorry to be silent lately, just never have time to answer.
Knowing that many people also have limited time, I would prefer to not
bother all the group, but no problem with me to discuss the matter
publicly. As you wish. Seulement pas encore en francais ;-)

Best regards,


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