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Re: Article on Debian Women

Quoting Christina Haralanova (christina@consultant.bg):

> With my modest experience in translating software into Bulgarian,

(bell ringing in my head)

The current "team" of Bulgarian translators in Debian (working for
instance on the translation of the installer and related software) is
very small.

I'm also not sure that a lot of proofreading has been made.

Introducing myself : besides being maintainer of a few packages in
Debian, I'm quite deeply involved in internationalisaiton and
localisation. More precisely, I'm making my best for the coordination
of the installer translations, along with my friend Dennis Stampfer.

Besides this, I make my best for participating in the d-w project,
even if I'm lacking the very first requirement (being a woman..:-))).

So, I'd like to ask if you could bring us some help and especially get
in touch with the people currently working on Bulgarian translations
(Ognyan Kulev, Rumen Krasstev). I bet you (or other people) could be
very welcomed to bring a contribution in making Debian one of the most
i18n-aware Linux distributions around.

Please let me know (in this list possibly, except if you feel privacy
is more appropriate...however, I prefer seeing such exchanges stay
public just to give good live examples about involving people in
Debian) and please accept my apologies if I give you the impression
I'm "jumping on you" as we say in French..:-)

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