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Re: Article on Debian Women

CC'ing Ognyan. Ognyan, this was a conversation I had with Christina
Haralanova in debian-women.

> > So, I'd like to ask if you could bring us some help and especially get
> > in touch with the people currently working on Bulgarian translations
> > (Ognyan Kulev, Rumen Krasstev).
> I know them both personally. Unfortunately, I am not drinking beer with
> them every Wednesday anymore since I moved to Montreal recently. But if
> you suggest me what I can do, it will be my pleasure to give a hand with
> that!

http://people.debian.org/%7Eseppy/d-i/translation-status.html will
give you an idea of the work method in Debian Installer
translation. This page has links to the documentation of d-i i18n,
which for instance explains the concepts we use:

When dealing with d-i interface translation, we have categorized
things in "levels":

-Level 1 is the "core" Debian Installer : all the packages managed by
the D-I team, involved during the first stage of the installation,
before the system reboot

bg is 100% translated here, but proofreview is certainly helpful (ir
is always)

-Level 2 are other packages, most often "regular" Debian packages,
which are likely to interact with users during a default-style
install. Here we find base-config (the package which is run after the
reboot and control all the final installation steps), tasksel, and a
few of other packages which prompt users

bg is also 100% translated here, so proofreview is also needed

-Level 3 are packages which, in some occasions but not on default
style installs, will prompt users.

The Bulgarian translation is here very partial so there is room for
some translation work to take place. I don't know if others already
began to work on this. This would need coordinating with them

-Level 4 are packages which only *display* information during a
default install. This involves very important packages such as dpkg
and apt....translating them is obviously a good progress but less
important from the installer point of view

There is nearly no bg translation here....

The install manual is also to be translated even if it may sound late
for sarge release. 

So, basically, this need to be talked with Ognyan and others, I guess.

Ognyan, do you have a mailing list where all bg translators coordinate
their work. If you don't, this is maybe time for requesting a

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