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Re: RFC: Wiki for Debian-Women


	We talk a little bit about this mail on the channel,
but I'm sending a reply to list so it could became public! :)

Erinn Clark wrote:
:::: 1) Which information goes on main and which goes on wiki

:: The only thing I can think of for the wiki is a TODO list.
:: Apparently others have more ideas about how it can be used,
:: so I'll let them comment on this.

	Projects and sub projects status, quick and flash
news, syndication, there are lots of good stuff. :o)

:::: 1.1) Who are "maintainers" for main?

:: This is listed per page. (E.g., "contact $foo with comments
:: and suggestions.") Also, in order to do anything to the
:: website, one needs an account on alioth, so the access is
:: restricted this way.

	Ok, good.

:::: 1.2) How to contact them (1.1)?

:: As above.


:::: 1.3) anonymous vs. accounts for wiki

:: Accounts. No anonymous access.

	D-W should have an anonymous area, a place where
anonymous girls (and guys) can post messages, it is not
a guest book, but a place for people that doesn't want
to get registered! :)

:::: 1.4) zones/areas

:: I have no idea what this means.

	It is how the website is organized, how it
is divided, how permissions are implemented, it is
linked with the "website map".

	You told me that D-W is not a "e-commerce"
or a "business" site, and I agree. But we can build
the structure in the best way possible, and as easy
and simple as we can.

:::: 1.5) good practices and tips

:: I suspect these will develop when we have content.
:: It's hard to recommend best practices when you lack
:: practices at all.

	Some typos, expressions and experiences from the
list could already be assigned to D-W! :)

	Best regards,

// Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
// felipe@cathedrallabs.org
// CathedralLabs
// http://www.cathedrallabs.org/

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