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Re: D-W website translation handling

On 31/08/2004 at 08:25 Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote...

> Hi,


> 	List of pros are very good! :)
> 	I would like to ask, how you deal with CVS/SVN and
> the content change? I mean, do you a cronjob to publish
> in the website the updates from CVS/SVN? Is there another
> workaround to see (instantly) what you have just uploaded?
> (of course, there is FTP, but I'm thinking about version
> control systems).

Basically it works like this:
There are english content pages in WML and there are WMl specific stuff on
the repository, each language has it own subdir and the same three as the
english site. You can check if english revision has been changed by using an
special WML tag into other languages WML files with the english version on
which is based, thus you can easily check that, let's say spanish translation
for index.wml is based on revision 1.8 while original english version is
already 1.9 (or more).
This is basically handled into the CVS/SVN three and WML file. Generated HTML
are out of the scope, since they are the result/output of.

> 	Maybe we could write a "Quick Start"?

Would be great.

> 	We could use PHP to work with dynamic content and also,
> i18n/l10n. I don't know if it is possible to use PHP on D-W
> webserver AND I don't know if it is desired, when a system is
> created using PHP there are default messages and patterns, and
> commonly it is in one file, just copy and translate. But, for
> WEBsites, no default messages and patterns, and we fall back
> in the static site with many translations.

Yes, but the main problem I see is content translation, unless it's well
programmed and it manages to get the right content based on the right locale
it can be a mess. But it can be done, but as I said it envolves more effort
on get the thing done.

> 	Volunteer to work as "committer" (BSD expression). :o)
> Trully, I can work, receiving translations and putting it inside
> CVS/SVN (I would like to use SubVersion).




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