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RFC: Wiki for Debian-Women

Am Donnerstag, 26.08.04 um 14:53 Uhr schrieb Anja:


Thank you for that example.

Anja's example does show (though she did not spend the time, to make it more D-W like as confuguration takes some time, and noone wants to make too lot in vain) that a wiki could mostly look like d-w does.

There have been suggestions to use a wiki beside the normal web pages to have a working area, where we can keep
todo lists
fast information

The advantage is, that it is much easier to keep everyone working in and supporting d-w on track with information.

As IRC out of the different time zones is not the right place to decide and discuss such things only there, i would like to see more comments on that suggestion here.

As the subject says: Please comment inside the list.




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