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Re: RFC: Wiki for Debian-Women


Anja wrote:
:: Yes, working a bit more in the template, the wiki could look
:: as d-w does.

	If we choose Wiki, it would be nice! :)

:: There are some options:
:: a)Make the main site a wiki, with some groups: public groups
:: (all people can edit) and 'private groups (you need pass to
:: edit). There also the option to set password to read also....

	Ok. Hmmm... easy to keep updated, but a little bit
hard to get translated if we are planning to use d-l10n-*
mail lists.

:: b)Make the main site with Website Meta Language and also add
:: a wiki.
:: Main site --> http://women.alioth.debian.org/
:: Wiki pages-> http://women.alioth.debian.org/wiki/

	We can mix the Main site with the Wiki, specially in
the "contribute area", as we need updated TODOs, tasklists
and results.

	Using WML we can get help from debian-l10n-portuguese,
for example, and we can also help them. :o) And, of course,
other debian locali(z/s)ation lists.

:: c)No wiki, only a main site (in some languages).

	Also good. But I believe it is going to be harder to
keep updated, but it is just MHO.

:: There are other CMS that could be useful, for example,
:: Drupal, but i think we just need a wiki. Please, if you
:: think this other CMS could be useful, reply and tell us
:: why.

	Vote for (b) Mixed solution.

:: I chose pmwiki (www.pmwiki.org) because it is easy and
:: simple. If you think other wiki is better (for example,
:: moinmoin, tikiwiki), please suggest it.

	MoinMoin is pretty good. And we should look coWiki.

	Best Regards,

// Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
// felipe@cathedrallabs.org
// CathedralLabs
// http://www.cathedrallabs.org/

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