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Re: What do you want to learn?

Erinn Clark writes:
> So far we have a couple people interested in packaging and a couple
> interested in documentation. Is this enough to get something started? 

I'm interested in packaging and perhaps in eventually getting
involved with the installer and/or packaging systems.  I'm also
somewhat interested in documentation.  Like Carla, I've been daunted
by what I've heard about the NM process, and also by difficulty in
finding docs on the process (though it's better now than when I last
looked).  I'll tag along in any course or mentoring that might get
set up.

I love the idea of an IRC course, even a course taught partially on
IRC, though time zone issues are probably a killer for a group which
includes people all over the globe.  Being able to ask questions in
real time can be really helpful when you're learning something.
Even if it doesn't work out for d-w's purposes, you've made me
want to try giving an IRC course on something else some time to
see if it works.


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