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Re: What do you want to learn?

On Mon, 2 Aug 2004, Michelle Murrain wrote:

> Hey all,

Hi Michelle

> Like many of you, I'd like to learn how to create and maintain packages,
>   and just overall learn things that would help me contribute to the
> debian project, to make it better.
> Mostly, the reason I haven't yet has been lack of time - but also
> because there hasn't been what I've thought of as a friendly place to
> learn that stuff (I have had one very disheartening interaction with the
> maintainer of a package I care about, and wanted to help with.)
> So if there is either going to be some sort of course, or just more of a
> mentors program, where experienced debian developers can help
> budding/potential developers move forward, that would be fab, and count
> me in.

You may want to try the mailinglist debian-mentors@lists.debian.org or
IRC. I cannot guaranty that it will be a friendly place though :-(



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