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Re: What do you want to learn?

* Luk Claes <Luk.Claes@UGent.be> [2004:08:03 13:01 +0200]: 
> You may want to try the mailinglist debian-mentors@lists.debian.org or
> IRC. I cannot guaranty that it will be a friendly place though :-(

I've spoken with Matthew Palmer about possibly collaborating on this idea.
I have no idea what kind of culture -mentors has, but if it's unfriendly,
I'm sure that would be easy enough to change if enough of the "right
people" began inhabiting the list. One thing I don't want to do - as I
think I've said before - is recreate environments that already exist
elsewhere. There is a risk of women doing everything within this list when
what would be more beneficial is branching out onto the other lists (and
IRC channels, in some cases). 

So far we have a couple people interested in packaging and a couple
interested in documentation. Is this enough to get something started? 

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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