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Re: Website beta trial

* Nori Heikkinen <nori@sccs.swarthmore.edu> [2004:07:23 13:12 -0400]: 
> wasn't one of the things that i recall erinn asking for a set of short
> bios of women in tech?  by that, erinn, did you mean users like us, or
> high-powered women in tech, or ... ?

I decided that it would be better to highlight women who are currently
active in Debian - as translators, QA people, developers, any kind of
contributor. The objective is to get women involved in Debian, so I felt it
would be best to highlight the ones I'm aware of. 

Something I'm very conscious of is how we'll be perceived by the greater
Debian / F/OSS community. I'm not particularly interested in pandering to
the notion that women need special treatment or that we're held to lower
standards, just because we're female and use Linux. The objective is not to
lower standards, it's to elevate women. That said, I'm very willing to help
anyone that wants to get on the page. :) (BTW, if you've contributed and
have not gotten an email, please let me know.)

> if "users like us" is what you meant, erinn, then a great and easy way
> to get content up would be for everyone who wants to to send a short
> techy bio to erinn that she could post with our names on the site --
> kind of a "here are some people in debian-women, and how they're
> involved" section ...

Well, I'd like to have contributors to the website listed as well. I'd say
consistent contributors should definitely be listed, and people that contribute
random items here and there can be listed on the front news page. This way
everyone gets recognition. 

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