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Re: Website beta trial

Nori Heikkinen wrote:
> wasn't one of the things that i recall erinn asking for a set of short
> bios of women in tech?  by that, erinn, did you mean users like us, or
> high-powered women in tech, or ... ?

Yes, but I would want to make a difference between Profiles and Success
Histories. "How free software changed my life"?. "Featured free software
hacker of the week"? Is that appealing or just plain stupid elitist?

> if "users like us" is what you meant, erinn, then a great and easy way
> to get content up would be for everyone who wants to to send a short
> techy bio to erinn that she could post with our names on the site --
> kind of a "here are some people in debian-women, and how they're
> involved" section ...

There's somebody taking care of the profiles: Elizabeth Krumbach
<lyz@princessleia.com>. If you want to be on the site, you'd better talk
to her.

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