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Re: Website beta trial

--- Amaya <amaya@debian.org> escribió: 
> Zazu is working on a beta look for our "corporate"
> site.
> http://www.opensource-knowhow.com/amaya/
> Please send us feedback :-)

I like it very much, I asked another girl here and she

does too (I'm at Euskal, a LAN Party, right now). Just

some comments: 1) why "debian womAn" instead of
womEn"? 2) I agree with what has been said about the 
size of the fonts, a bit small but it's readable here 
anyway 3) I like pink :) 4) The box on the left: white

letters over light pink is hardly readable 5) About
logo: I liked those logos we voted some time ago, they

were cute.


Yahoo! lanza su nueva tecnología de búsquedas
¿te atreves a comparar?

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