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Re: Website beta trial

Hi there, long email ahead, be warned!

Almut Behrens wrote:
> hmm, I think, if we're going to have more than one design proposal for
> the site (which isn't necessarily bad per se, IMHO), I'd suggest we
> also have a somewhat formalised way of coordinating efforts and
> choosing upon the final design.

I don't think that much bureocracy is needed. I am sorry my original
email was so short. No context, no background. Let me try again.

I have just spent a week at Seville, south of Spain, where my girl
friend Zazu lives. 

On Zazu:
She's a designer/webmistress and she is in love with (uses) Morcego as a
CMS. The only advantage I see to it is that is very easy to translate
content into many different languages.

Zazu was responsible for a couple of years for the Hispalinux creativity
dept. :-) and logo merchandising and t-shirts for Guadec 3 at Seville.

She's a long time Debian user, contributes to the project with icons for
apps (mostly the ones I mantain and used to suck, like gnomekiss) and is
a big evangelizer. She is self-trained into everything. She's also a
single mother (in case it matters, which I think does, because that's
the reason she had to stop studing and teach herself everything she
knows, she's a fighter) and makes a living on women technology
alphabetization (does that make any sense in English?), women
assotiations networking, providing tech tools for women to associate and
empower themselves, get hold of resources.... working for EU funded
projects as E-qual and many more I can't keep track of. 

She has also designed and developed a GPL e-learning tool called
Caroline (based on Morcego) that I'd love to use at the debian-women
site so that women can train themselves into sysadmining, becoming DD,
getting into terms, or starting with, Debian, free software,
technology... It is specially interesting in terms of women with
restricted lifestyles, as Erinn put it in her talk (mothers, caretakers,
or other responsabilities that I can't name right now, but are probably
even more restricting).

During that week, I talked to her about Brazil, Erinn, Pia, the
Debian-women effort, the Gnurias, LinuxChics... you bet we were both
filled with enthusiasm. I got her a LinuxChicks.br tshirt at Porto
Alegre and she loved it!!!

I set up Morcego for her at my hosting (which is still available for
hosting our project or whatever needs we may come up with), and she
started playing with it. 

Her work can be taken as inspiration for Erinn (or whoever is working on
the actual site), can also be seen as a "I want to help, but the only
language I speak that you girls from all over the world can understand
is html and gimp" :-)

> I feel such interpersonal crap is the last thing we need...

Seconded, and I am sorry this was seen as an attempt to hijack Erinn's
efforts. I just wanted it to be a sweet attempt to help. Let's put all
the energy she has into something we can all profit from. How can we do

> P.S.  Erinn, if you'd prefer to just finish the site you began and
> leave it at that, that's perfectly fine with me -- you started the
> whole thing, so I'd say your vote outrivals any other :)

I'm dying to see Erinn's site :-)
And I want her to please keep us updated, request content, translations,
release often, release soon... Erinn, I'm all jumpy about this :-)

<terribly off-topic>
	Today I made my first bottle of almond milk (in my way to the
	vegan land) inspired by Erinn and it actually tastes very good
	for a first try. 
</terribly off-topic>

I feel the same about Zazu's site. It was inspired by Erinn, and I think
it actually tastes great, for a first try. Many things to improve? Yes.
Too much pink? YES :-) Can we use some of it and dispose of the rest?

I think that Zazu is a great example of female empowerment, self fueled,
and I want to find more girls/women/chicks like her, Erinn, Pia,
Michelle, myself... 
Are you out there? Want to share your success stories on free software?
Wouldn't that be great content for our site?

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