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Re: Website beta trial

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004 12:28:46 -0400, Erinn Clark <erinn@double-helix.org> wrote:

> Sure, I want content. I asked a few weeks ago, but not many people
> volunteered to take responsibility for the sections, so I figured I wasn't
> clear enough or that maybe I needed to put out a skeleton website so people
> would feel more comfortable jumping in. As it stands we still need:


> 2) How to get involved.
>    This one might be fairly easy and can be hashed out on the list. I don't
>    want to redo what -mentors has done, especially with the help of Matthew
>    Palmer. His FAQ for getting involved in Debian (and, in fact, the entire
>    mentors.debian.net website) are already quite comprehensive. More of a
>    "HOWTO Get Involved in Debian Women" type of deal. I have ideas for
>    this, so if a willing volunteer comes forward, all they need to do is
>    ask what they are.
> 3) Events.
>    We don't currently have any events planned, or much to keep track of at
>    the moment, but someone to help plan things would be nice, especially if
>    they were willing to deal with updating that section of the website.

I would be happy to work on either of these.  Is IRC a good place to
chat about this, or should stuff like this be discussed on the list or
in private email?  I think it's nice for everyone to be able to help
out if they want, so if others are interested in working on the same
section by all means speak up; I'd be happy to collaborate ;-)

- Colleen

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