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Re: Website beta trial

* Amaya <amaya@debian.org> [2004:07:23 17:31 +0200]: 
> Please, please, please!!!
> Can I help you on that? Do you want content? Just ask!

Sure, I want content. I asked a few weeks ago, but not many people
volunteered to take responsibility for the sections, so I figured I wasn't
clear enough or that maybe I needed to put out a skeleton website so people
would feel more comfortable jumping in. As it stands we still need:

1) The supporters page. 
   The only issue with this one is that we'd basically need men to
   volunteer to be on it and then have someone collect information about
   them. Appropriate questions can be left to the discretion of the person
   that takes responsibility and can be based on the women.kde.org
   supporters page. So, men, willing to volunteer yourselves? :)

2) How to get involved.
   This one might be fairly easy and can be hashed out on the list. I don't
   want to redo what -mentors has done, especially with the help of Matthew
   Palmer. His FAQ for getting involved in Debian (and, in fact, the entire
   mentors.debian.net website) are already quite comprehensive. More of a
   "HOWTO Get Involved in Debian Women" type of deal. I have ideas for
   this, so if a willing volunteer comes forward, all they need to do is
   ask what they are. 

3) Events.
   We don't currently have any events planned, or much to keep track of at
   the moment, but someone to help plan things would be nice, especially if
   they were willing to deal with updating that section of the website.

Is anyone out there very knowledgeable about arch? We need to set up a
way for people to be able to commit to alioth and put the website in arch,
but I'm not terribly talented with this so it might take forever to set

As far as my design, I've got a rough draft of the general FAQ here:
http://cytosine.org/~helix/dw/faqs/ .. the main page is just random text to
check the basic design. I've not quite figured out what to do with the
front page because it will be used for news / announcements, and I've not
decided on any kind of technical means for setting this up. 

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