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Re: Website beta trial

Erinn Clark wrote:
> I've already begun working on the site. This is a duplicated effort,
> for no apparent reason. Why didn't you (or Zazu) reply to my original
> mail(s) about the website design? The one where I said I was going to
> work on it? 

Erinn, please don't be angry. Zazu submitted this to me privately and I
just act as a proxy and want to share it with you. This doesn't have to
be the website look or anything, but rather proof of concept that there
are far more women out there willing to contribute to our project, just
disabled (in linguistic terms) to participate fully.

She felt inspired and did this, which we are free to take advantage of
in the terms we choose to. We can use all or nothing from it. It was
provided just as inspiration.

As I said before, I hate pink, I am in favor of a "corporate" debian
look, something that ressembles w.d.o, less design, more content.

Please keep your website effort. And keep us updated on what kind of
help you may need.

BTW, I was on VAC! What am I doing here?

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