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Re: Website beta trial

* Evilpig <evilpig@gmail.com> [2004:07:23 12:27 -0500]: 
> I would be happy to work on either of these.  Is IRC a good place to
> chat about this, or should stuff like this be discussed on the list or
> in private email?  I think it's nice for everyone to be able to help
> out if they want, so if others are interested in working on the same
> section by all means speak up; I'd be happy to collaborate ;-)

They're yours. I'm available either on list or IRC. Picking my brain might
be easier on IRC since there's more room for discussion. Once I tell you
what I'm thinking, you can do whatever you like with it (such as bring it
to the list for further discussion.) That's more for the HOWTO though. As
far as Events are concerned, you'll probably just have to be the contact
person and allow people to submit things to you (as well as possibly
coordinating Debian Women events, but I can help with this).

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