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Re: Friendly lists (was:Is "debian-women" crashed ?)

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On Sunday 18 July 2004 11:13 am, Nori Heikkinen wrote:
> a (perhaps inconsequential) nit to pick: while i'm all for supportive,
> non-flaming lists, do you think there's either something inherent in a
> women's list that will foster this environment (underlying assumption:
> women are less aggressive than men), and/or that this place should
> EXPLICITLY be a friendly environment?  i feel like all lists ought to
> be friendly, but it turns out that flame wars do come up and people do
> get told to RTFM if they clearly haven't, and that while some of that
> is okay, a lot more than that gets tolerated on those lists.  should
> the mission statement of this list, then, include a bit about the
> desired environment or vibe, and if and how that'll be enforced?  

Nope, there's nothing inherent in women's lists that fosters a friendly 
atmosphere. I could name a few women's lists that are chock full of whiny 
unfriendly grumps, but I won't. :) The different is in whoever creates and 
administers the list. It doesn't happen by accident- it is an explicit 
policy, and sometimes it takes a fair amount of work to keep it that way. 

As far as rules and policies go, the fewer rules you have, the better. More 
rules just create more loopholes and nitpicking. I don't know what Erinn has 
in mind; I believe that us "founding members" can do a lot, just by minding 
our own manners and setting a good example. (shut up Erinn, I can too be 
nice! Often!)

Carla Schroder
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