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Re: Is "debian-women" crashed ?

On Sun, Jul 18, 2004 at 07:15:37PM +0200, Hamster wrote:
> David, thanks for the explanation! I appreciate you taking the time to write
> such an informative answer.

You're very welcome.

> > Part of the reason I poked fun at the issue is that the whole debian-women
> > effort seems to be a good way to get people interested in Debian without
> > having to slog through the tiresome political vitriol that recent GR's
> > have created. Erinn has created a great opportunity here, and I hope
> > people take advantage of it.
> I find this a very interesting paragraph, and I'd love to hear Helix's
> reaction too. Perhaps I'm reading too much into what you've written here,
> but I've interpreted (perhaps incorrectly) this paragraph to mean that you
> see d-w as a "refugee" list for people tired of other lists.

Eh... perhaps that came across too strongly. I don't think the list should
deviate from its primary charter of helping women learn about and get involved
with Debian. What I meant above is an extension of that, in that women can do
this without diving in to the relatively hostile environment of other Debian
lists. Because the purpose of the project is to nurture women within the
project, women should feel free to ask questions here that would get them
flamed or RTFM'ed on other Debian lists. I don't think people should flee to
this list because they're tired of other Debian lists, so much as use it as a
comfortable environment to approach the project as a whole (including its
harsher points, like the GR story I told before).

> I'm rather alarmed if this is the case.

I hope I've clarified a bit. I didn't want to alarm anyone. I want this project
to succeed for a while (I've been urging helix on since debian-women was just
an abstract idea) and I get the feeling that there's many who feel the same.

 - David Nusinow

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