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Re: Internation list (was: Is "debian-women" crashed ?)

On Sun, Jul 18, 2004 at 02:21:03PM -0400, Nori Heikkinen wrote:
> does debian have a list-wide policy on languages?  or should each list
> decide its own?  if the latter, i guess this is another issue that's
> open to debate, and that we should decide soon ...

	We do, but I don't think it is anywhere else but inside the
listmasters' heads. We actually normally start from the other end. We'll
make a debian-user-$language list, which is used for user stuff, as well
as translations, development, and announces. If at some point, it looks
like there is a fair bit of traffic on the list, we create a new one.

	At the moment, it seems to be going (in order of list creation):
debian-user-$language -> debian-l10n-$language ->
debian-devel-$language -> debian-news-$language. At this point, we have
never split up a debian-user-$language list further than that.

	What is being proposed starts from the other end, so I'm not
quite sure how to deal with that. =-)

	Realistically, most localised developer lists (or at least the
ones I'm on) are now only used for regional-specific questions, such as
the recent thread on d-d-fr about keyboard selection, or for developers
wanting to meet each other or a conference (ie, d-d-es). 

	From a practical point of view, you are better off having
bigger lists as it's easier to build momentum that way. Smaller lists
have a harder time reaching a certain critical mass and getting things
accomplished, while people feel much better about posting on a list
where there's lots happening already.

	Pasc. (with his listmaster hat on)
Pascal Hakim                                          0403 411 672
Do Not Bend

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