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Re: Friendly lists (was:Is "debian-women" crashed ?)

* Carla Schroder <carla@bratgrrl.com> [2004:07:18 12:06 -0700]: 
> As far as rules and policies go, the fewer rules you have, the better. More 
> rules just create more loopholes and nitpicking. I don't know what Erinn has 
> in mind; I believe that us "founding members" can do a lot, just by minding 
> our own manners and setting a good example. (shut up Erinn, I can too be 
> nice! Often!)

I'll probably get around to writing up some ideal ways to communicate on
the list eventually.. 

Some things I've noticed from other lists:
 - Hostility hampers productivity
 - Politeness can be constraining
 - People have personal email addresses and others don't think to use them
   in lieu of spamming the entire list
Try to post useful and/or helpful things. It's pretty simple, really.

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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