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Re: Friendly lists (was:Is "debian-women" crashed ?)


Carla Schroder:
> unfriendly grumps, but I won't. :) The different is in whoever creates and 
> administers the list. It doesn't happen by accident- it is an explicit 
> policy, and sometimes it takes a fair amount of work to keep it that way. 

True. In my experience with mailing lists, the ultimate rule needs to be
"if you're disruptive, you're out of here", and you need to be prepared
to enfore it if nothing else helps.

Plus, small infractions of the rules need to get commented on.
I'm not at all in favor of Slippery Slope arguments, but WRT civil
behavior on mailing lists it does have merit.  :-/

Matthias Urlichs   |   {M:U} IT Design @ m-u-it.de   |  smurf@smurf.noris.de

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