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presentation (Re: hello everyone)

Hello! im a debian's user and programmer from Uruguay, living now (for
the summer) at North California (mountains in trinity county). I was
reading about other mailings list (other than debian-user-spanish) in
lists.debian.org and i found debian-women. I find great to have a space
to encourage women to participate in free software and in debian
projects. I hope i can help in this community.


El vie, 25-06-2004 a las 13:50, Erinn Clark escribió:
> * Carla Schroder <carla@bratgrrl.com> [2004:06:21 12:38 -0700]: 
> > I am happy to see this list, and I hope we attract lots of cool women and 
> > girls and other female human persons. I'm a Linux geek and system 
> > administrator. I used to freelance, maintaining mixed Linux/windoze LANs, and 
> > migrating folks off their horrid Exchange servers onto nice sensible 
> > Postfix/Courier/Squirrelmail setups. Now I mostly write Linux howtos, and 
> > schlep around in my jammies a lot.
> And yell at us dotty cat ladies.. ;)
> > I would really like to write an article about women in Linux. And not some 
> > groupie-worship thing, slobbering over Big Names, but ordinary women doing 
> > interesting Linux things. Like Erinn Clark getting this list going. Debian 
> > supporters of any kind- maintainers, documentation writers, bugfinders, 
> > sysadmins, etc. Women tend to think their contributions are insignificant, 
> > which is total poo. So anyone who knows somebody, or who wants to toot their 
> > own horn, please let me know. I think it would make an interesting list 
> > discussion, don't be shy. The more visibility we create, the more other women 
> > will be encouraged.
> I think this is a great idea. I'd certainly be willing to be interviewed
> and I think I know a lot of other women that would be enthusiastic about
> this idea as well. Several of us did on-camera interviews in Brazil for
> a movie about F/OSS coming out sometime in the future.. 
> Visibility is a funny thing - it's totally necessary but it can be quite
> scary for a lot of women. It's my hope (dream?) that something really
> positive will come out of all of this. :)
gaba <gaba@riseup.net>
siamo tutti clandestino

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