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hello everyone

I am happy to see this list, and I hope we attract lots of cool women and 
girls and other female human persons. I'm a Linux geek and system 
administrator. I used to freelance, maintaining mixed Linux/windoze LANs, and 
migrating folks off their horrid Exchange servers onto nice sensible 
Postfix/Courier/Squirrelmail setups. Now I mostly write Linux howtos, and 
schlep around in my jammies a lot.

I would really like to write an article about women in Linux. And not some 
groupie-worship thing, slobbering over Big Names, but ordinary women doing 
interesting Linux things. Like Erinn Clark getting this list going. Debian 
supporters of any kind- maintainers, documentation writers, bugfinders, 
sysadmins, etc. Women tend to think their contributions are insignificant, 
which is total poo. So anyone who knows somebody, or who wants to toot their 
own horn, please let me know. I think it would make an interesting list 
discussion, don't be shy. The more visibility we create, the more other women 
will be encouraged.

Carla Schroder
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