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Re: Website, logo, etc.

Hello everyone, 

> Server:
>    While I don't have any lofty requirements for the server, I probably
>    will not be the only active one updating the website. I'm open to
>    suggestions here. Do we need a CMS? If so, what kinds of requirements
>    are we looking for? PHP, Perl, ssh access, Postgres/mysql, etc. What
>    CMS would we use if we used one? There are several out there but I
>    have to admit, I'm not terribly fond of some of the interfaces. Call
>    me old fashioned, but I think I like plain looking websites.

CMS websites are easy and more fast to build (and we can dedicate our time to others things). Also, is easy to do colaborative work using this kind of software. 

I already setup several websites using Drupal, the same that Debian Planet use. You can see then at:

For use drupal, we'll need a server with apache(!), php4, mysql and ftp or ssh acess to upload images. Ssh access is only needed to backup the website. 

I need to advise you that CMS isn't the best thing to work if we need translations.

We can also setup the same structure that Debian Project did, using wml (the plain looking interface that you want, Erinn). The site will have the same "Debian face" and it is really easy to do content translations. 

We'll need apache(!) with content negotiation and some other things. I can check this and reply to the ML.

>    Michelle mentioned possibly hosting the site, so maybe she can help
>    determine our needs in this regard as well.

CIPSGA, the non-profit organization from Brazil that I'm part of can provide all that we need to use a CMS or cvs web site, but ssh access is limited to the administrators. Since I'm part of the team, I can do all the administrative tasks. 

We can also use Alioth(!!!) to host this project if we have a really really simple web site. ;)

>     - Would it be tacky to have a clock counting down until we reach > our goal of Total World Domination? ;) j/k

lol. :)

Ok, I agree with all your suggestions. I believe that is all that we need to start.

> Leadership:
>    Should we have people that are more or less taking care of this
>    project? If so, how do we define their roles? I suppose it could > just be like the rest of Debian wherein people define their own roles, > but

I'd like to see Debian Women as part of Debian Project and thinking like this, the DPL is our unique leader and the subprojects define their own toles. 

All the best, 

Michelle Ribeiro

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